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EndlessRain - a new adventure awaits you



Friendly - supportive - purpose

Founded in 2005 as a private corp, EndlessRain has always been low key and industrial focused. Now the profile of the corp has changed, and the doors are open to the public. We are group oriented, and we are goal oriented. Your real life of course always comes first. Since our culture is friendly and supportive, we don't have space for players stirring drama or not interested in interacting with the corp. Read more in the recruitment section and be a part of the next chapter of EndlessRain.

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Status: Open to both new and veteran players

EndlessRain are currently recruiting new emplyees. We are predominately an industrial corp in New Eden, but we like to view ourselves as "Industrialists with teeth". We are based in Branch for exellent money making possibilities and a well established freighter service to Jita. EndlessRain are producers of the finest fuel in game and are looking for employees to help us in the following areas: 

  • Mining

  • Industry

  • Hauling

We are however always looking for

  • Miners - we have access to R64 moons

  • PVP'ers - or those willing to learn

  • FC's - or those willing to try

EndlessRain are proud members of Toxic Shockwave alliance